Established in 1997, Golden Falcon (GF) Rubber and Sealing Technologies is a leading local manufacturer from Dubai who have developed, customized, manufactured, supplied, and distributed a wide range of molded and extruded rubber products in United Arab Emirates and nearby countries specifically designed for industrial applications. It has molded and extruded tons of rubbers into various shapes and sizes to meet the most challenging customer requirements and specifications delivered at shortest possible time.

Golden Falcon (GF) Rubber Technologies have maintained it’s strong presence in the UAE market through its excellence in producing high quality moulded and extruded rubbers products. Most rubber products it had produced for decades are customized that satisfactorily meets customer stringent specifications.

Today, Golden Falcon (GF) Rubber manufacturing facility in Dubai is expanding its factory operation and capability by acquiring new machineries and employing modern technologies from the U.S., Europe and China to provide effective flange isolating and sealing solutions in Oil and Gas, Chemical Processing, Petrochemical, and Engineering, Procurement and Construction (or EPC) in Middle East, Northern Africa and soon, the global market.


To meet industrial demand while making sure our customers and their families are free from harmful emissions, free from corrosion while keeping its staff members and the community free from harm.


To make Golden Falcon Sealing and Rubber Technologies become a customer-centric market leader best known for developing, manufacturing, supplying and distributing the safest, most reliable, most effective and environmental friendly sealing solutions designed for major industrial applications in Middle East and other parts of the world.


• Safety
• Excellence
• Customer Centricity
• Quality
• Integrity
• Reliability
• Environmental Friendly